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Were you a victim of An Injury Caused by A broken Paragard IUD?

Our attorneys are investigating potential lawsuit claims for women that were affected or injured by the Paragard intrauterine birth control device (IUD) during removal of the device. Women across the country have reported that the Paragard IUD arms break during removal, which creates medical complications and can require additional, more painful, removal procedures.

If you or a loved one used a Paragard IUD and the IUD broke upon removal, you may be eligible to file a claim for monetary damages.

Holding an IUD birth control copper coil device in hand, used for contraception

What is the Paragard® IUD?

The Paragard IUD is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals and The Cooper Companies. The FDA approved the device in 1984. The IUD device is viewed as an alternative birth control device for women that prefer not taking birth control pills.

The device is a plastic T-shaped base with a copper wire coil wrapped around it. The copper wiring causes inflammation to the uterus that is toxic to both sperm and eggs. The device can work up to ten years according the Paragard website.

The Device Can Break or Fracture During Routine Removal Attempts

When removing the device, a number of issues can occur as a result of a device fracture or break that can seriously injure a woman. If a piece of the device breaks or fractures during the removal process, additional surgery may be required that is more extensive and oftentimes more painful.

According to the Paragard website, the manufacturer admits that removal of the device may be difficult because “it is stuck in the uterus” and requires possible surgery for removal.

Types of Injuries Associated with the Paragard® IUD:

  • IUD pieces migrated to other organs
  • IUD breakage leading to additional surgery

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