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You May Be a Victim of Unpaid Overtime Wage Theft.

The wage and hour attorneys at Allen & Nolte provide decades of experience fighting for the rights of workers in cases involving wage theft and unpaid overtime. Many companies ignore federal overtime laws to avoid paying workers what they should be paid. People from all walks of life are wrongly misclassified as being exempt from overtime pay every day in violation of state of federal regulations. In some cases, workers do not realize they are owed years of back pay.


Experienced Wage and Hour Attorneys

Allen & Nolte is proud to represent workers who are facing wage and hour disputes with their employers. We know when someone is entitled to overtime pay based on our years of experience in wage theft cases. Our firm has represented tipped employees, independent contractors, office managers, and many others who were wrongly denied overtime pay.

We understand how frustrating it can be to work more than 40 hours a week and not be paid what you are legally owed. That is why our team stays on top of the latest employment laws and rules covering unpaid overtime, including the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Let Allen & Nolte’s team of proven legal professionals put our years of experience to work for you. We know the tricks employers often use to cheat workers out of overtime wages and use that knowledge to help build your case and fight for every penny you are owed.

Allen & Nolte Knows the Law

If you are a victim of unpaid overtime, the wage and hour attorneys at Allen & Nolte are dedicated to defending your legal rights under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Our lawyers are experienced in cases involving FLSA requirements, including seeking overtime wages based on employers’ failure to pay what is legally owed.

Established in 1938, the FLSA protects employees from being abused by setting employment standards for federal, state and local governments as well as private business owners.

Under the FLSA, every person is entitled to no less than $7.25 per hour worked. Non-exempt employees are owed 1.5 times their hourly pay for every hour worked over 40 hours per week.

Many companies and businesses label employees as being exempt from overtime pay by classifying them as “managers” or “independent contractors.” In some cases, employers avoid paying overtime by changing employees’ hours to make it appear they did not work 40 hours a week.

Did You Know?

  1. The law says unpaid overtime victims can seek up to three years of back pay.
  2. You may be owed an additional amount that is equal to the back pay you are already owed.
  3. It may cost your employer thousands of dollars to defend your case.
  4. Your employer may be required to pay for the work done by your lawyers to bring your case.
  5. Your employer may owe unpaid overtime to other employees who do the same job as you.

Common Jobs for Unpaid Overtime

Employees from all walks of life are regularly subjected to wage and hour violations although they should be entitled to overtime pay. Many people do not get credit for their hours worked, from truck drivers, secretaries and nurses to people whose bosses label them as managers or independent contractors in name only.

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